Phantom Pro Hybrid


Phantom Pro Hybrid. A stunning new glove from Hawxsport building on the outstanding reputation of the Talon Pro, oozing comfort and professional standard build quality.

The Phantom Pro features a mix of roll finger to the thumb, index and little fingers combined with negative cut for a snugger fit to the two middle digits. 4mm German pro level CONTACT latex to the palm giving unsurpassed grip in most conditions and comfortable Supersoft latex with raised punching zones to the backhand. As with all Hawxsport products, we use quality threads and materials in the construction, anything less is not what we are about!  A further feature of this glove is the wrist closure. As with the Talon Pro, we utilise an elasticated entry however the Phantom Pro features a wrap around elasticated strap which ensures the glove stays exactly where you want it, snugly in place.



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Product Description

Building on the success of the ever popular Talon Pro, this innovative glove oozes comfort with a combination of roll finger cut to the thumb, index and little finger then providing a negative cut to the two middle fingers for a snug fit.

The benefits of this glove provides maximum ball to latex coverage through the roll finger design plus the stabilisation of a close fitting surround to the middle digits.

Construction: All HAWXSPORT gloves are built for professional usage with quality materials and German latexes, all assembled with quality threads to ensure the gloves will exceed expectations. Our factory supply straight to us therefore cutting out the middleman enabling us to offer an outstanding product at an exceptional price point.

The Phantom Pro Hybrid  features a mesh chassis with 3mm Supersoft backhand for unrivalled comfort with raised sections to the punching zones as also found in our Talon Pro model. The palm is 4mm German CONTACT latex, a professional standard latex giving exceptional grip in all conditions. To the naked eye, latexes can look the same however nothing could be further from the truth. German latex leads the way with top class shock absorption, grip and comfort and in the case of CONTACT latex, it wears exceptionally well when compared to gloves which use Supersoft on the palms, something we never do.

Still not convinced? Well, if HAWXSPORT gloves are good enough to grace the English Premiership, EFL and International level then they are likely to be good enough for you!


We also have a small number of size 11 available in this glove. Please message to check availability

please note we are out of stock on size 4, 5 and 10 in white colourway until new stock arrives


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