How do we do it?

We provide professional German made Giga Grip, Contact or Aqua Grip latex palmed gloves direct from our manufacturer to you, which have outstanding comfort and grip in all weather conditions and come in 3mm to 4mm thickness depending on the type used in the glove.

Our gloves can be found on the hands of goalkeepers up and down the country including Premiership and Championship clubs, both professional and academy as well as a host of new keepers breaking through the ranks such as Wolverhampton Wanderers stopper Harry Burgoyne.

Join the Revolution!

Our gloves are completely different to cheap 1mm thick latex gloves with no shock absorption qualities, so if you are serious about your goalkeeping you need a pair of Hawxsport  professional gloves which will provide you with the grip, comfort and reassuring knowledge your gloves will not let you down whatever the weather!